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How to choose a VPN?

You are now convinced that for your online security, you need a VPN. Nevertheless, the number of VPN providers is so high that you are now totally lost. Do not panic, we're gonna help.

Free or Paid VPN?
Like any usual customer, we obviously all prefer to use free services instead of paid services. Are we all stingy? No, it's just a human behaviour: Why should we pay for a service proposed for free elsewhere. The correct answer to this question is most of the time: Maybe because it's not the SAME Service. And the proverb "you get what your pay for" has never been so true.
By definition, Free VPN are obviously low cost, poorly managed and very popular. By consequence, they are almost always saturated. They get tiny bandwidth, recurrent disconnections with the risk to unveil your internet activities if you don't see you are no longer hidden behind the VPN. Note also that most of the free VPN servers do limit, detect or even disconnect file downloads. Our opinion is that Free VPN are mainly intended to users having few quality requirements. You have also to know that most of these free services are "loss leaders" proposed for a limited trial period by paying sites that are not the best ones and that, afterward, are often more expensive than their competitors.

In your Country or Abroad?
The rule is simple and clear: To get a better legal protection, always use a foreign VPN Provider AND always choose a foreign server. For example, you live in USA and you have chosen a VPN provider legally located in the UK. Even if this provider proposes US servers, do not use them. If you respect this simple rule, any possible legal requisitions will have no effect (excepted of course in case of very serious acts).

Which Provider to choose and at what price ?
There are today hundreds of VPN providers but most of them are unknown. By using these little known sites, the risks are threefold:
1 - Lose your money if the site is a scam.
2 - Paying for a poor quality VPN.
3 - Malicious use of the service by the VPN provider itself, mainly by intercepting your sensitive datas or by using (and even selling) illegally your bandwidth.
Our opinion is that it's better to focus on well-known providers. The problem of confidence disappears and in addition, these companies have a reputation to maintain and therefore can't afford low quality services. If you hesitate and have not the week to make your choice, choose HideMyAss, you'll get no bad surprises.
About the usual prices, the VPN business is today highly competitive but it seems that all the main providers apply this kind of pricing scheme:
- 1 month -> $7 to $11
- 6 months -> $40 to $60
- 1 year -> $50 to $80
Most of the famoust websites offer Paypal payment, an additional pledge of tranquility. Now that you have the right informations, choose your VPN on the best VPN List