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VPN for Iphone and Android Devices

Mobile and tablets are also concerned by the internet spying, hacking and intrusions. VPNs are then also essential.

VPN for Android Smartphones
Fortunately, the designers of the Android Operating System have had the brilliant idea to incorporate a default VPN configuration which avoids the need to download and install a specific application. The installation is done so manually. Here's how to proceed:
1 - Click on the Settings icon
2 - In the section Wireless and Networks, click More ...
3 - Click VPN
4 - The VPN menu appears. Click the PLUS SIGN (+) at the right top
5 - Name your new VPN
From there, the information required are provided by your VPN provider as HideMyAss or PureVPN.
6 - Select the VPN type you will use. That's your VPN provider who tells you, usually PPTP.
7 - Provide the VPN server IP address from your provider.
8 - Click Save.
9 - Your new VPN appears to top.
10 - Click above. A window opens that offers "Connecting with ...".
11 - In the User Name field, enter the LOGIN given by your VPN provider.
12 - In the Password field, specify the PASSWORD associated with your login.
13 - In order to avoid repeating this every time, Check the "Save Login Information" button.
14 - Click the Login button.
If you have followed step by step this process, your Android device is connected in few seconds to your VPN. This procedure is applicable to almost all the smartphones and tablets from Samsung, LG, HTC, Nexus, Wiko etc...

VPN for Iphone
Installing a VPN on your IPhone is as easy as on an Android device
1 - Go to the Main Menu.
2 - Click on Settings.
3 - Look at the bottom for the General button screen and click.
4 - Search Network and then, VPN.
From there, the informations required are given by your VPN provider such as HideMyAss.
5 - Select the VPN protocol your provider uses, generally PPTP.
6 - Select the VPN server's IP address, your login and your password.
7 - The new VPN connection appears in the list of your Iphone
8 - To log on, click ON
If you have entered everything correctly, your Iphone is connected in few seconds to your VPN